Colin Cowherd Has Harsh Criticism For Cowboys, Chargers ForthMGN

Colin Cowherd Has Harsh Criticism For Cowboys, Chargers ForthMGN

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The Dallas Cowboys needed a win badly.

The Los Angeles Chargers aren’t a top-tier team, but they’re good enough to beat the best teams in the league on any given night, mostly because of Justin Herbert.

And with the Cowboys’ defensive struggles of the past couple of weeks, they simply could not afford another setback.

They played mostly mistake-free football and were defensively sound against Brandon Staley’s team.

However, NFL analyst Colin Cowherd was far from impressed with what he saw from either of those teams.

He claimed that both teams were poorly coached, which his why they cannot be considered on the same level as other contenders.

He stated that teams like the Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, or even Kansas City Chiefs could lose, but they’re not poorly coached.

As for the Chargers, he believes the offensive line actually limited what Herbert was capable of doing.

The Cowboys, on the other hand, committed way too many “silly” penalties, and Cowherd believes their play-calling and Mike McCarthy’s word about wanting to be a run-first team only show that he doesn’t trust Dak Prescott.

Whatever the case, the Cowboys needed to leave SoFi Stadium with a win, and that’s exactly what they did.

But it wouldn’t be surprising to see either of these coaches — or even both — losing their jobs at the end of the season if they fail to live up to the expectations again, as they both entered the campaign on the hot seat and haven’t done that much to change that.

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