My Mum Your Dad Rebecca and Ben Split, Are Ben and Rebecca Still Together? ForthMGN

My Mum Your Dad Rebecca and Ben Split, Are Ben and Rebecca Still Together? ForthMGN

My Mum Your Dad Rebecca and Ben Split

Rebecca and Ben, who connected on the reality show “My Mum Your Dad 2023,” have confirmed their split after facing challenges in maintaining their relationship. Despite the initial sparks and positive reception from their kids during the final Blessing Ceremony, the couple found it logistically difficult to sustain their romance.

Bec, acknowledging the hurdles posed by Ben’s international pilot career and family commitments, stated that they didn’t want to reach a point of resentment due to time constraints. The couple decided to part ways amicably, opting to cherish the wonderful time they had together.

However, the breakup comes with a silver lining, as Bec’s daughter, Gracie, has exciting news to share. Gracie has formed a special friendship with Chelsea, the daughter of another participant, and they’ve even moved in together.

While Rebecca and Ben remain friends, they exchanged heartfelt letters expressing their feelings about the experience. Despite not progressing into a romantic relationship, both acknowledge the positive impact of the show on their lives. Rebecca appreciates meeting Ben, describing him as one of the kindest and most insightful human beings she has ever met.

In the end, the couple decided to prioritize their friendship and individual parenting journeys, leaving the door open for future relationships. The split, though bittersweet, has paved the way for new friendships and positive connections stemming from the unique experience of “My Mum Your Dad 2023.

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Who is Ben?

Ben Smith, a 51-year-old international pilot from New South Wales, is the adventurous participant in “My Mum Your Dad 2023.” As a father of four, including twins named Jasmin and Jaxon, Ben dreams of sailing the world but faces challenges in finding a romantic connection due to the logistical difficulties posed by his demanding job.

After a 10-year marriage, Ben turned to dating apps but encountered no luck, with the nature of his piloting career making it challenging to meet someone special. Ben values a partner with a kind, giving heart and an adventurous spirit, and his close bond with his kids makes their acceptance a non-negotiable factor in any potential relationship.


Who is Rebecca?

Rebecca Fisher, a 52-year-old from Queensland, is a proud First Nations woman who was adopted as a mixed-race child. In the 2023 season of “My Mum Your Dad,” Rebecca is portrayed as a fashion retail employee and devoted mother of two, with her daughter named Gracie.

Having separated from her husband six years ago, Rebecca has cautiously explored the dating scene in the past but is now ready to fully embrace new romantic possibilities. Having not been on a date for over a year, Rebecca is looking forward to the unique experience the show brings and is open to finding a meaningful connection.

My Mum Your Dad

“My Mum, Your Dad” is a British reality dating show that premiered on ITV1 on September 11, 2023, and is currently ongoing. Created by Greg Daniels and Haley Daniels, the show is presented by Davina McCall. The series, comprising one season with 10 episodes, falls under the reality genre. It follows middle-aged single parents who embark on a journey to a romance retreat, aiming for a second shot at love.

Little do they know, the twist in the show is that their adult children are overseeing the entire process. Each episode has a runtime of 60 minutes, including advertisements. Produced by Lifted Entertainment, the show provides a unique twist on traditional dating reality programs, adding the element of adult children influencing their parents’ romantic endeavors.

My Mum Your Dad Contestants






Sarah ‘Chook’ (21 years old)



Chloe (21 years old)



Jake (21 years old)



Jasmin and Jaxon (18 years old, twins)



Harper (18 years old)



Katie (19 years old)



Chelsea (21 years old)



Tiarn (22 years old)



Steph (27 years old)



Jesse (26 years old)



Mona (25 years old)



Gracie (20 years old)



Brandon (28 years old)

Are Ben and Rebecca Still Together?

No, Ben and Rebecca from “My Mum Your Dad 2023” are not still together. Despite the initial connection on the reality show and positive feedback from their children during the final Blessing Ceremony, they faced logistical challenges in maintaining a romantic relationship.

Ben’s international pilot career and family commitments, combined with geographical distance, led them to part ways amicably. While they remain good friends, they have decided to leave their relationship in the past and focus on their individual paths.

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