Beware the Ron DeSantis Deepfakes, No Matter How Funny They Are

Beware the Ron DeSantis Deepfakes, No Matter How Funny They Are

There is an incredibly short and funny clip circulating the Internet today showing Ron DeSantis saying, “uh, hungwy,” as someone sets some food down in front of him. It is hilarious and a perfect example of Ron DeSantis not being able to act normal in public. It’s also fake.

This actually comes from our beloved Bad LIp Reading series. Hilarious when it’s done to make up fake conversations on an NFL sideline. Slightly more troubling when it’s being used as political misinformation.

This is apparently going to be a thing this election season. Just last week there was a another too-perfect clip circulating of a woman calling DeSantis an “establishment little bitch,” where he then asked for people to raise their hands if they were going to vote for him.

Another amusing clip, but also fake. The thing is, they’re barely deepfakes. Just regular clips with other audio. And they seem so real with DeSantis. Deepfake viral videos of candidates are probably the new FAKE NEWS so when you see something like this, think twice before sharing it. That’s why information literacy is very important, especially as we head into an election year. Don’t worry, there is plenty of real stuff that is just as weird and worth sharing.

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