Bird Box Barcelona End Credits Scene: Is There a Post-Credit Sequence?

Bird Box Barcelona End Credits Scene: Is There a Post-Credit Sequence?

The new movie is out now on Netflix and viewers are no doubt wondering if there is a Bird Box Barcelona end credits scene or post-credits sequence. Here’s the need-to-know info on whether or not there is anything after the Bird Box Barcelona credits.

Is there a Bird Box Barcelona end credits scene?

No, there is no Bird Box Barcelona end credits scene. There is no post-credits sequence and nothing after the credits at all.

For those hoping for a tease at a future Bird Box 3 or another spin-off, you will be disappointed. Following the end of the movie, the credits roll but there is no interruption from a mid-credits scene, nor any post-credits sequence awaiting those who patiently waited for all of the names to scroll by (or who fast-forwarded through them).

If you enjoyed the movie, it’s generally considered good manners to sit through the credits and read the names of the people who helped make the film. Of course, this is totally optional, and you can simply back out of the movie and return to the Netflix catalog to watch something else.

With post-credits scenes becoming an expectation of superhero movies and TV shows, many viewers have started to expect end credits sequences from non-hero movies, too. While many movies don’t include anything after the credits, some do, so it can be tough to work out which have an end credits scene and which don’t.

Similar to the first Bird Box movie, Bird Box Barcelona has no post-credits scene. Viewers of the first movie may expect this from the sequel.

For more Netflix updates, take a look at the latest The Witcher season 3 part 2 trailer. Also, here’s an interview with Bird Box Barcelona cast members Diego Calva and Georgina Campbell.

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