Colin Cowherd Says Giants Are ‘Trapped’ Amid Saquon Barkley Drama

Colin Cowherd Says Giants Are ‘Trapped’ Amid Saquon Barkley Drama

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The New York Giants are one team everyone is keeping an eye on as the deadline to sign franchise-tagged players to a long-term deal approaches.

The Giants gave star running back Saquon Barkley the franchise tag earlier in the offseason.

Yet, it appears they will not get a long-term deal done with Barkley before the deadline.

Knowing how their offense works, Barkley needs to be in the lineup.

Daniel Jones is a much better quarterback with a good rushing attack.

Colin Cowherd thinks the Giants are “trapped” after paying Jones $40 million to be their quarterback.

He mentioned how Jones had a record of 5-7-1 last season when the Giants had less than 100 rushing yards.

As opposed to a 5-0 record when they had more than 100 yards.

Jones is not the type of quarterback that can carry a team, despite what he is getting paid.

The Giants overpaid at quarterback and now they might be forced to overpay at running back to keep their offense strong.

Paying running backs with a long-term deal rarely works out in the NFL.

But they almost have no choice when it comes to Barkley.

He is electric when on the field, but has missed plenty of games over the past few seasons with injury.

In three of his five seasons, Barkley has missed three or more games with injury.

No player wants to play on the franchise tag.

Playing a tough sport like football, you want to have long-term security.

The franchise tag does not give that luxury.

It will be interesting to see how Barkley responds to playing under the tag if a long-term deal cannot be reached.

Analyst Makes Clear Statement On Saquon Barkley’s Importance To Giants

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