Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in hospital after 'suffering dizzy spell' in heat

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in hospital after 'suffering dizzy spell' in heat

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains in hospital for further tests following a bout of dizziness, as reported by his office on Sunday (July 16).

Test results conducted on Sunday came back normal, with Netanyahu reportedly feeling “very good,” according to his office.

It was revealed that the Israeli Prime Minister had spent the previous day enjoying the Sea of Galilee, a renowned holiday spot in northern Israel.

However, the scorching country-wide heatwave, with temperatures reaching approximately 40°C (104°F), may have contributed to his condition.

Initial assessments by medical professionals suggested that dehydration was the likely cause for the veteran leader’s discomfort.

In a video shared on social media Saturday night, Netanyahu admitted to being in the sun without a hat and neglecting to stay hydrated, stressing that it was an unwise decision.

As a precautionary measure, doctors ordered him to remain hospitalised overnight for further observation.

His weekly Cabinet meeting was postponed by a day and rescheduled for Monday, his office confirmed.

Netanyahu, known for being Israel’s longest-serving leader with more than 15 years in office, is generally considered to be in good health. However, last October, he briefly sought medical attention during Yom Kippur prayers after feeling unwell.

The Israeli Prime Minister is currently grappling with mounting challenges on multiple fronts. He is currently on trial for multiple corruption charges, causing significant divisions within the nation. Furthermore, his government’s unwavering stance on Palestinian issues has sparked international criticism and strained relations with the United States, Israel’s closest and most crucial ally.

On the domestic front, tens of thousands of Israelis have been participating in weekly demonstrations, expressing their discontent with Netanyahu’s government and protesting his proposed overhaul of the country’s judiciary.

While his supporters argue that such reforms are necessary to rein in the power of unelected judges, opponents vehemently claim that the plan will undermine the delicate system of checks and balances, effectively concentrating power in the hands of the prime minister and his allies.

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