Kirk Cousins Claps Back At His Critics

Kirk Cousins Claps Back At His Critics

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In the media age that we currently live in, more and more documentaries have come out, detailing the lives of athletes.

This has given fans more access to their favorite stars than ever before, as it peels back the curtains of their home life.

Netflix has recently released an NFL documentary titled “Quarterback,” which goes deeper into the lives of Patrick Mahomes, Marcus Mariota, and Kirk Cousins.

Cousins has been met with his fair share of criticism over the years, which he details in this documentary.

One line in particular that has been making its rounds on the internet was originally from Margaret Thatcher, which Cousins recited.

“If my critics saw me walking on water, they would say it’s because I can’t swim,” Cousins said via Chris Haddad.

Of all the starting quarterbacks across the league, Cousins may receive the most criticism.

For several years, people believed that Cousins wasn’t a starting-caliber quarterback.

He had an unfortunate track record of losing in prime time but has slowly been changing that narrative.

The ‘Quarterback’ documentary shows Cousins’ work ethic, demonstrating his want and drive for the Minnesota Vikings to succeed.

While Cousins and the Vikings fell short in the playoffs during the 2022 season, the team is hopeful that 2023 will provide a better outcome.

Justin Jefferson has continued to establish himself as a top receiving option, and the Vikings just invested first-round draft capital in Jordan Addison.

They’ve put trust in Cousins to build up their offense, giving him the keys to success.

Can the team break through this year, winning the organization’s first Lombardi Trophy?

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