Secret Invasion Rhodey: Where Is War Machine?

Secret Invasion Rhodey: Where Is War Machine?

For those wondering what’s going on with Rhodey in Secret Invasion, here’s the need-to-know info. Read on for all of the information, but be wary of spoilers, as we detail the Raava Skrull and who she is in episode 4.

Who is Raava, the Rhodey Skrull, in Secret Invasion?

Raava is a Skrull terrorist working with Gravik to take over the Earth.

In the comics, Raava is a minor character who appears in the Black Bolt series. Her role in Secret Invasion is new for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which means her movements and motivations are tough to predict. For now, she’s on the side of Gravik, having assumed the identity of James “Rhodey” Rhodes to get close to the President.

Thankfully, Raava isn’t using War Machine’s suit of armor. At least, not yet. For now, she is simply portraying Rhodey to get the political advantage.

Is the real Rhodey dead in Secret Invasion?

It is highly unlikely that the real Rhodey is dead in Secret Invasion.

Major character deaths are usually showcased on-screen. The death of War Machine would be a big deal, so it’s safe to assume the real Rhodey is still alive during the events of Secret Invasion.

Where is the real Rhodey in Secret Invasion?

The real Rhodey is likely still alive and being stored at the Skrull terrorists’ laboratory.

Gravik and his followers store the humans that they emulate inside a laboratory. The humans are unconscious and still alive. This is probably how the real Rhodey has spent the duration of Secret Invasion. Viewers can expect the real Rhodey to be revived towards the end of the season, assuming Nick Fury and his allies can win the day.

For more Secret Invasion content, here’s the fate of G’iah explained, including her powers. Also, here’s a breakdown of Gravik’s powers, which were on clear display in episode 4.

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