Ustwo Games Win Big at Develop:Star Awards 2023

Ustwo Games Win Big at Develop:Star Awards 2023

Develop:Star Awards 2023

The Develop:Star Awards 2023 was a prestigious event that recognized and celebrated the exceptional achievements of the gaming industry. This annual ceremony honored outstanding games, developers, and industry professionals who have made significant contributions to the field.

The awards covered various categories, including Best Game, Best Studio, Best Narrative, Best Visual Art, Best Audio, and more. The winners were chosen based on their creativity, innovation, and impact on the industry.

The event also introduced new categories such as the Sustainability Star award, which acknowledged studios’ commitment to eco-friendly practices. Additionally, the Develop Star Award was given to honor a remarkable individual or team for their exceptional contributions and achievements in the gaming industry.

The Develop:Star Awards 2023 highlighted the talent, dedication, and passion that drive the gaming industry forward. It served as a platform to showcase the remarkable work of developers, artists, sound designers, and other professionals who bring gaming experiences to life. The Develop:Star Awards 2023 celebrated excellence and innovation in the gaming industry, recognizing the individuals and studios who continue to push boundaries and shape the future of gaming.

Ustwo Games Win Big at Develop:Star Awards 2023

Ustwo Games emerged as big winners at the Develop:Star Awards 2023, receiving significant recognition for their outstanding contributions to the gaming industry. The studio’s commitment to excellence and innovation was acknowledged through two prestigious awards.

Firstly, Ustwo Games was honored with the Sustainability Star award, a new addition to the ceremony. This accolade recognizes their dedication to eco-friendly practices, highlighting their efforts to create games while minimizing their environmental impact. Ustwo Games’ commitment to sustainability sets an inspiring example for the industry.

In addition to the Sustainability Star, Ustwo Games received the Best Mobile Game award for their captivating title, Desta: The Memories Between. This achievement showcases their excellence in mobile gaming, with Desta standing out for its engaging gameplay, immersive storytelling, and artistic design. Ustwo Games’ ability to craft unique and compelling experiences for mobile platforms was celebrated by the Develop:Star Awards.

These wins not only reflect Ustwo Games’ creative prowess but also demonstrate their commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional gaming experiences. The studio’s ability to combine innovative gameplay mechanics with meaningful narratives sets them apart in the industry.

Ustwo Games’ success at the Develop:Star Awards 2023 reinforces their position as a prominent force in the gaming world. Their achievements inspire both established and emerging developers, illustrating the possibilities and impact of innovative game design and sustainable practices. As Ustwo Games continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences, their wins at the Develop:Star Awards serve as a testament to their talent and dedication.


Ustwo Games Win Big at Develop:Star Awards 2023 Winners List



Best Studio


Best Small Studio

Black Salt Games

Best Game

God of War Ragnarök – Santa Monica Studio

Publishing Star

Team17 Digital

Best Mobile Game

Desta: The Memories Between – Ustwo Games

Best Game Design

Vampire Survivors – Poncle

Best Original IP

Hi-Fi Rush – Tango Gameworks

Best Narrative

God of War Ragnarök – Santa Monica Studio

Best Visual Art

Horizon Call of the Mountain – Guerrilla Games

Best Audio

God of War Ragnarök – Santa Monica Studio

Best QA & Localisation

Keywords Studios

Best Technical Innovation

Horizon Call of the Mountain – Guerrilla Games

Best Technology Provider

Unreal Engine

Best Creative Provider


Diversity Star

Dom Shaw – UKIE

Sustainability Star

Ustwo Games

Recruitment Star


Talent Development Star

Sumo Group

Marketing Star


Tomorrow’s Star

Shaye Poulton Richards – Interior Night

The Develop Star Award

Guerrilla Games

Special Recognition Award

Dr Jo Twist OBE


Ustwo Fampany Limited, commonly known as ustwo, is a software development studio based in London. Established in 2004, the company specializes in digital design, particularly creating sleek and sophisticated user interfaces. Originally, ustwo focused on providing support for mobile apps and developing mobile games.

However, their breakthrough came in 2014 with the release of Monument Valley, a game that garnered widespread acclaim, earning numerous awards and selling over two million copies.

Today, ustwo operates not only through its Ustwo Games division but also through Ustwo Studios, where they create software for various computing devices. Additionally, they invest in emerging firms through Ustwo Adventure and contribute to nurturing young talent within the industry through Ustwo Foundation.


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